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Can I use a VPN or VPS?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can use VPN and VPS services, but it's critical to adhere to specific guidelines to ensure both security and optimal functionality:

VPN Guidelines:

  • Prefer Paid Services: Opt for a paid VPN service instead of free alternatives. Free VPNs often have multiple users sharing the same IP address, leading to security risks and potential confusion in logging activities.

  • Consistent IP and Location: Try to use a consistent IP address from a specific country each time you connect to the VPN. Regularly switching between different servers or countries might raise red flags, potentially triggering security checks or restrictions on your account.

VPS Guidelines:

  • Choose Paid Services with a Dedicated IP: A paid VPS service with a dedicated IP address is preferable. It helps to ensure that your trading activities are distinct and not confused with those of other clients.

  • No Sharing: Do not share your VPS connection with others. Sharing can lead to violations of trading policies and can compromise the integrity of our platform’s operations.

Following these guidelines helps maintain a secure and stable trading environment on our platform, safeguarding both your activities and the overall system integrity.

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