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How does XVXT ensure Fairness and Transparency in trading?
How does XVXT ensure Fairness and Transparency in trading?
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XVXT is dedicated to maintaining fairness and transparency in trading, ensuring an equal playing field for all our clients. We have implemented strict policies and advanced monitoring systems to uphold the integrity of our platform and to deter activities that might compromise its fairness.

To foster an equitable trading environment, XVXT has explicitly prohibited the following activities:

  • Use of emulators.

  • Inverse arbitrage trading.

  • Hedging and hedging trading.

  • Tick scalping.

  • Copying trades from other traders.

  • Autotrading.

  • Implementing martingale strategies.

  • Utilizing grid strategies.

  • Engaging in hyperactive trading.

  • Latency trading.

  • Copy trading from others.

  • Any form of arbitrage trading.

  • One-sided betting.

  • Account sharing.

  • Group hedging.

  • Employing guaranteed profit strategies with limit orders.

  • Exploiting platform or data freezing due to demo server errors.

Participation in these prohibited practices is in direct contradiction with our ethos of fairness and is not allowed on our platform. XVXT takes a strong stand against any actions that could potentially harm the integrity of the financial markets. Our commitment to these principles is unwavering, as we strive to provide a trustworthy and equitable trading environment for all our clients.

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