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Is the use of automatic trading systems (EAs) allowed?
Is the use of automatic trading systems (EAs) allowed?
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At XVXT, we permit the use of automated trading systems, including Expert Advisors (EAs), provided they do not engage in any of the prohibited strategies and practices listed below. It's crucial to adhere to these guidelines to ensure compliance with our trading policies:

1. Allowed With Conditions:

  • The use of EAs is permitted, but they must not be involved in any of the prohibited practices listed.

2. Prohibited Strategies and Practices:

  • Use of emulators.

  • Tick scalping.

  • Copying trades from other traders.

  • Autotrading that involves prohibited strategies.

  • Martingale strategies.

  • Grid strategies.

  • Hyperactive trading.

  • Latency trading.

  • Copy trading from others.

  • Any form of arbitrage trading.

  • One-sided betting.

  • Account sharing.

  • Hedging or group hedging.

  • Use of guaranteed profit with limit orders.

  • Utilizing platform or data freezing due to demo server errors.

3. Consequences for Violations:

  • Engaging in any of these prohibited practices, even with the use of EAs, will result in significant actions such as account suspension or termination.

4. Other considerations

  • If you've acquired a trading Expert Advisor (EA), please be mindful that other traders might also be using the same EA. This situation can lead to the concurrent execution of identical trades on various accounts. This practice is a clear violation of our regulations and will trigger an immediate suspension of your account.

While EAs can be a valuable tool in trading, it's important to use them responsibly and within the bounds of our trading policies. For any clarifications or assistance, the XVXT Support Team is available to help.

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