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Can I Trade From Multiple IP Addresses?
Can I Trade From Multiple IP Addresses?
Updated yesterday

To prevent issues related to IP addresses, we recommend that traders use a single device with a unique IP address for their trading activities on our platform. We understand there might be exceptional situations where using multiple devices and IP addresses is necessary.

If a breach of our policy regarding the use of multiple IP addresses is detected by XVXT, certain actions may be taken:

  1. Issuing a Warning: The trader will receive a warning.

  2. Profit Deduction and Account Reset: Profits may be deducted, and the account might be reset. If the account is not in profit, it may not be reset.

  3. Account Termination: In more severe cases, the account could be terminated without profit distribution.

XVXT places a high emphasis on the security and integrity of our platform. We encourage all traders to comply with our policies and guidelines to maintain a safe and secure trading environment. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, the XVXT Support Team is available to assist you.

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