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Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in XVXT?
Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in XVXT?
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XVXT allows the merging of trading accounts with a collective limit of up to $300,000, under certain conditions.

Conditions for Merging Accounts:

1. Challenge Alignment: Both accounts intended for merging should be part of the same XVXT challenge. Accounts from different challenges cannot be merged.

2. Trade and Cycle Status: Merging is not permissible if there are open trades or if the account is mid-cycle. Ensure all trades are closed and the trading cycle is complete before merging. Accounts with a negative balance cannot be merged.

Restrictions During Challenge Phases:

Account merging is not allowed during any Challenge Phases at XVXT. Merging becomes an option once you've completed the Challenge Phase and have your XVXT account.

Profit Sharing After Merging:

The profit split for a merged account defaults to the lower percentage of the two. For example, merging an account with a 90% profit share with one having 80% results in the merged account taking on the 80% rate. However, the profit share percentage can be increased after a 4-month period if all scaling-up criteria are met.

Guidelines and Assistance:

Follow these guidelines and reach out to the XVXT Support Team for any help needed in merging accounts.

This merging process is designed to facilitate consolidation of your trading efforts while aligning with the structural and operational guidelines of XVXT.

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