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What rules do I need to follow in the Two Steps Challenge?
What rules do I need to follow in the Two Steps Challenge?
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The XVXT Funding Program is designed to identify and nurture traders who demonstrate consistency in their trading strategies and risk management.

To showcase your trading skills, you need to successfully complete the program, which is divided into two phases. Each phase involves trading with a different demo account provided by us. The key requirements for each phase are as follows:

  • Maximum Daily Loss: Your daily losses must not exceed 5% of your initial account balance on any given day. You can find all the details on how the Maximum Daily Loss works in this Help Center.

  • Maximum Overall Loss: You're allowed a maximum overall drawdown of 10% from your initial account balance. This means your account balance/equity should never drop below 90% of the initial balance at any point during your trading.

  • Minimum Trading Days: The program requires you to execute at least 3 individual and separate trades over the course of your trading cycle. These trading days do not have to be consecutive, and there is no cap on the number of trades you can make, offering you the flexibility to trade as you see fit. Additionally, there is no specific requirement for the minimum number of trading days.

  • Profit Evaluation: Ensure all your operations are closed and profits are in the balance, so we can accurately assess the results at the end of each phase.

It’s imperative to adhere to all the rules laid out in the collaboration agreement. Remember, the accounts are personal and non-transferable, and the use of Autotrading is not allowed. By following these guidelines, you can successfully navigate the program and prove your trading proficiency.

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