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How Does the One Step Challenge Work?
How Does the One Step Challenge Work?
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The One Step Challenge at XVXT is structured in just One Phase:

Phase 1:

  • This initial phase comes with specific conditions that participants need to meet.

  • Successfully meeting these conditions qualifies you automatically for the Funded Account.

Upon completing Phase 1 you advance to the status of a Funded Trader. As a Funded Trader, you will:

  • Be provided with a demo account that matches the value of the challenge you initially purchased.

  • Not have any Profit Target in this new phase of trading.

  • Be entitled up to 90% of the profit from your trades, which can be requested and received promptly.

For detailed information on the uniform challenge terms and conditions, and to understand how this progression works, you can refer to the subsequent Q&A section. This will offer comprehensive insight into the Challenge's structure and your journey towards becoming a Funded Trader with XVXT.

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